Cubii Pro-under Desk Elliptical

First-ever under desk training device that helps to stay fit while in a seated position. Keep working either in office or at home and get the legs moving with this amazing product.

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The Easiest Way for You to ​Stay Fit

Many at times, we try to workout or plan to hit gym , but we fail to do when get tried after our daily work chores or office stress.

Do you want to know about an easiest way to get you fit wherever you mostly spend your time, be it your home or your work place ?

Many at times, we try to workout or plan to hit gym , but the real reason we fail to do we get tried after our daily work chores or office stress.

Do you want to know about an easiest way to get you fit wherever you mostly spend your time, be it your home or your work place ?

Cubii Pro-under Desk Elliptical is an unique under desk training device that helps to stay fit while in a seated position that enables a full body functioning  without going to gym or investing in high end expensive products. Keep working either in office or at home and get the legs moving with this amazing product that promises a great exercise while seated. The pedal-on feature is easy to access and promises a splurge of energy every time one uses it. Ergonomically designed in a manner that creates an almost negligible impact on the joints, especially knees, it is one of a kind products that promises to keep you active with ease. It’s quite whisper feature allows it to be conveniently used at workplaces and other areas without causing any extra noise.

What You'll Discover Ahead:

Features of Cubii Pro

Know about the key features your are looking into, and grab your easy fitness product at home or office rather than a hitting the gym to remain healthy.

Is Cubii Pro for you

We will explain why this Cubii under desk elliptical product is for you in just few simple lines. Go ahead reading it and discover your solutions.

Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr

Cubii Jr is previous version of Pro, and you will find few differences between Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr that set them apart.

Pro and Cons

See the pros and cons of using Cubii Product and which are reviewed based on personal and customers who bought it.

Key Features of Cubii Pro


Sturdy, compact design

The product has a sturdy, compact design with specifications 24 inches long x 12.5 inches wide x 12.5 inches- The dimensions of this equipment make it versatile to be used anywhere anytime. It further helps in secure storage too. 


Ergonomically designed for low impact on joints

The equipment has a patent design which is ergonomically set for a person in a seating position. The pedals are structured in a manner that comforts your entire body structure. Carefully designed elliptical motion ensures that there is a negligible impact on the knees and other joints, thus allowing for a seamless and safe exercise session.


8 resistance levels

Catering to the difficulty levels of everyone, the exercising equipment  comes with eight resistance levels that can be set manually with the help of a knob. While one is for beginners, eight is for the pro-active users. Just rotate the knob to the desired level and accordingly exercise. For getting accurate results, select the same resistance level in the app, as is in the device


Bluetooth tracking

One of the best and exciting features of Pro product is the Bluetooth tracking feature that allows the equipment to be synced with apps such as FitBit and Apple HealthKit that displays real-time fitness parameters. One can also set their personal goals and track the progress in terms of calories burnt, number of steps taken and others. Another feature is that one can also track the progress of their and their friends together, thus promoting healthy competition.


Whisper quiet

Another useful feature of it, is that it makes absolutely no noise-causing any distraction. There is a barely noticeable and very subtle humming noise. This feature enables it to be used in workplaces too without causing any disturbance for the co-workers. 

​Is Cubii Pro for you ?

The product has a patented ergonomic design that features an elliptical paddling pathway which helps in creating a low impact effective leg exercise—being able to work while at seating position along with the ability to track the fitness parameters in the easiest way possible (with the help of an app). It is also NEAT Certified by the Mayo Clinic, which stands testimonial to its authenticity. 

It is very safe to use, owing to its sturdy design. Many safety measures have been incorporated, which when adhered to can help in devising very safe exercise equipment. 

Another factor that makes it favourable is its ease of accessibility. It is apt for those who are yearning for a fitness regime without having to go out or are stuck up in workplaces and looking for ways to stay fit while seating. It allows a convenient way to burn calories and keep upbeat without affecting your regular function. So, be it watching television, or working at your workstation in office for long hours, it is the ideal training device to keep you energetic and geared up. 

The product is also suitable for after surgery cases where regular workouts or gyms is not possible. People suffering from Perennial health conditions such as cardiac-related diseases could also benefit from this amazing equipment. 

All in all it helps to exercise the muscles and help one remain active without causing any side effects or interfering with daily work( all in a sit back position) which makes it one of the most popular reasons to be chosen. Cubii Pro health benefits include keeping the body active, burning calories and remaining energetic all while seated. 

Health benefits of Cubii Pro?

Cubii Pro health benefits are umpteen. Firstly, it helps in increasing the blood circulation in the legs and other parts of the body. Increased blood circulation helps to purify the blood and aids in keeping one active. It also aids in triggering the enzymes that help in the fat burning process, thus helping in losing calorie. 

In addition to the general benefits, people suffering from any kinds of surgeries or those who have a problem standing for prolonged hours can benefit a lot from the product. As it is quite a safe exercising tool, it helps to keep active without causing any additional health hazards. 


One of the highlights of the product is its synching feature. The device can be synced with mobiles that are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. They are also supported by iOS 8 or higher and Android OS 4.4 or higher with ease. 

Installing the Cubii app is as easy as a mouse click. Just visit mycubii.com/app and search for the download option. Android users, can download the app from Google Play store and for Apple users the iOS App store. The device needs to be connected via the app since it’s a Bluetooth Low Energy device. Once the pedalling starts, the product gets paired up, which can be confirmed from the blue light. A real-time dashboard is available that records all the facets of your exercise. The data gets stored and can be accessed anytime. 


Cubi Pro charger location is at the rear end of the device. The micro USB cable can be plugged into the power adapter for charging. Cubii Pro reviews suggest that citing the charging is very easy owing to the LED lights which are provided. During the charging phase, the LED would be blinking. When charged ultimately, a green light will be flashed. Charging time could take up to 6 hours and once loaded the device could run for approximately 90 days before requiring the next recharge.

Cubii Pro under desk elliptical comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that lasts up to 90 days. Charging can be spotted from the right upper hand corner or can be detected from the light of the LED colours. A yellow light indicates 20-70 % charged while a red one reports 0-20% charged. The green light means 70-100 % charged. During the charging process, the LED lights keep blinking and once completely charged the blinking stops.


Assembling the product is very easy. It comes with a self-help manual that enunciates how to join the product. It just requires attaching the pedals with the help of screws in the correct alignment. Assembling time is also very less.

Watch the official video from Cubii Pro Youtube channel on Assembly Guide.

Just adjust the product under your desk or any other place as per comfort and seat yourself next to it by placing your legs on the pedals. Then just pedal it out in elliptical motion and that’s it. 

Difference between CubiiPro vs CubiiJr

Both the products. share the same specification as far the device is considered. However, there are few differences between Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr that set them apart. Mentioned are a few of them:

  • Bluetooth connectivity- Pro has the Bluetooth connectivity feature that enables it to be connected to apps like FitBit and Apple HeathKit. Apps can also be synced with third-party software. However, Cubii Jr. does not have this Bluetooth feature. 
  • Display Monitor- Cubii Jr. has a display monitor that showcases the real-time values such as steps pedalled, or calories burnt. However, Pro does not have any display monitor. All these values are synched with its app that can be accessed via Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Colour of the product-for those interested in aesthetic appeal, Pro is available in chrome and noir themed versions while Jr is available in turquoise and purple colours.
  • Price Pro is a bit expensive when compared with Jr. owing to its additional Bluetooth feature. Approximately a hundred-dollar difference is there in the prices. However, Pro on sale can be a good deal. 
  • Sturdiness- Another difference between Cubii Pro and Cubii Junior is that Pro is relatively much sturdier than its Jr. version. Generally an additional anti-slippery mat is required with the Cubii Jr. which is not the case with the Pro. version

Pros and Cons


  • Compact design – It has a very compact in design and can be easily accommodated under any desk or any other area with ease. 
  • Easy trackability with apps - Keep track of one's goals and measure the calories burnt, the number of strides taken and others with just a click.
  • Easy to assemble- The product is straightforward to assemble. It requires only 2-3 steps which involves fitting the pedals with the help of screws. 
  • Maintenance-free - It requires very less maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with an absorbent cloth and does not require any special care. 
  • Simple to use- It is very simple to use. Once the device is placed on a surface, all that one needs to do it pedal it out in elliptical motions.


  • Suitable only in seating position- The equipment is designed in such a manner that it can be used only while seated and in no other position.


Cubii Pro under the desk elliptical is a revolutionary product that helps to follow a fitness regime without going to the gym or investing in expensive equipment’s. Following an elliptical pedalling pathway, it creates a low impact on the knees and the joints, thus enabling a safe and convenient exercise for all age groups. Cubii pro-health benefits are many. In addition to keeping one active, it helps to keep track of calories burnt and the number of steps taken in a day by syncing it with the app. One can also compete with others in a healthy manner. Charging the product is easy, and once done, it lasts for over ninety days which makes it's quite reliable. A sturdy structure, the discreet exercising equipment helps to stay active while one is working or watching television. Easy to use with long life, the product truly is one of a kind ideal for those caught in sedentary lifestyle or for those who have undergone surgeries and cannot indulge in high-end exercises. Cubii Pro reviews suggest that it is one of the best products in the market with some very good features such as Bluetooth connectivity to apps and 8 level resistance.

Christoper Adam IT Director

" The Cubii Pro is very high quality! I used to have a Schwinn recumbent exercise bicycle but didn't like the amount of space it took up so I gave it away. After seeing the Cubii Pro on Amazon I decided to give it a try and am so glad I did. "

Maria Walmeus Studying Law

"I never used to have any workout due to lot of studies, but then i found this product on walmart, purchased it, now im able to use this while studying. This keeps my movement on, and does enjoy my study pattern "

Garett Danes Businessman

"Was pleasantly surprised with this one, took a chance and bought it on sale which was not much more than the generic one I previously purchased. The packaging was nice, it was a super easy setup.  Incredibly quiet, and cheaper compared to others"

Frequently Asked Questions


I have a wheeled chair in my office. Can I use it the product?

Yes, you can. The product comes with a set of wheelchair stoppers that can help secure the chair and then the equipment can be placed adjacent to it and used as usual.


At what voltage does the product work?

It works at a voltage of 110V. In case one is located outside of the US, one may require a Power adapter.


Is the product certified?

Yes, it is NEAT certified for active seating which is developed by Mayo Clinic.


How much can energy expenditure be done with the product?

As per a few studies, an increase in the amount of energy expenditure by approximately 84.5% which is way more than the energy expenditure in a standing position ( which is about 16.7%)


Can I move the equipment?

The product comes with a handle that makes it convenient to be used for lifting and moving purpose.


Does the product produce any noise?

It seemingly sends out a humming noise which is similar to that of white noise. Hence, it doesn’t create any disturbance or distraction and therefore, can be easily used in the office.


How to sync the product with my Android App?

Download the app from Google play store, and the app itself will guide you towards synching the device. Just ensure that your mobile device is Bluetooth low energy enabled.


How to sync the product with Apple HealthKit?

Download the app from Apple store and the app will itself guide to the process of synching.


Do I need to install a mat under the Pro product?

No, the product is a sturdy product that is stable on almost all surfaces. It doesn’t require any additional mat for making it stable.


What is the weight capacity of Cubii Pro?

The weight capacity of the product is 250 lbs. However, it relates to the direct load that is applied to the product and hence even a heavier person can use it in a seated posture.


How much clearance is required between the legs and the desk?

It is suggested to have a clearance of about 2-3 inches between the legs and the desk for smooth functioning.


How do I charge the product?

The product comes with a USB charger and a port via which it can be charged. The charging time could be up to 6 hours.


How to change the resistance levels manually?

The equipment comes with 8 resistance levels that is present in the form of a knob. For changing the level, just turn the know with the help of hands to the desired level ( as mentioned).


How many calories does elliptical burn ?

For a 30 minutes on the elliptical burns  between 170 – 320 calories, depending on your weight and intensity.


I have a backpain, can I use the product?

Since the product works while in a seated position, you can use it. In case of doubt, we suggest consulting with a physician. 

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Maintenance and Safety measures

The product requires very less maintenance if cared for properly. It is recommended to keep the instrument away from direct sunlight in a clean and dry place. Careful examination of the screws should be done on a frequent basis to ensure that everything is in place. An absorbent cloth can be used for the cleaning purpose.

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